State Budget has funds for Rt 13 connector road to host business park in Horseheads NY.
"The connector road will make that site more desirable for other businesses to locate there." - [State Senator Tom] O'Mara said.
Located in the Southern Tier of New York, directly on Norfolk Southern’s east-west corridor, the HOST Terminal is the western United States’ gateway to the Northeast, including, but not limited to, Northeast Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, New York City and Philadelphia.
The HOST Terminal, with its +500k square foot warehousing capacity, can store, stage and transload a wide variety of product, both packaged and bulk. HOST Terminal’s +200 acre property makes laydown storage of oversized product and material easy. The HOST Terminal is a turnkey partner for any agricultural, industrial or commercial partner eager to reduce transportation and logistics costs while addressing the largest markets in the eastern US.
Known as the “Holding Point”, the HOST Terminal was originally designed and constructed as a World War II storage and distribution depot. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, nearly all of it’s fourteen warehouses were occupied by local, regional and national companies including Corning Glass, Cargill, and Anchor Glass.
In 2011, the HOST Terminal was purchased and repositioned to capitalize on the fracking boom in the Marcellus as well as the other industrial markets in the region. With significant upgrades to its rail and completion of two 90,000 square foot flat storage buildings, the HOST Terminal became and remains the region’s premier staging, transloading and warehousing complex.
Complex Features
  • 50 Acres Laydown storage
  • 180k SF bulk storage
  • 500k SF warehousing
  • 2 x certified truck scales
  • 3mm gallon water on site
Rail Features
  • Norfolk Southern direct access
  • 5 miles Class I rail
  • 2 x trackmobiles
  • Unit Train Capable
  • 3 x high speed conveyors
Geography & Access
  • 3.5 miles from I-86
  • 15 miles from NY / PA border
  • Equidistant from NYC / Philadelphia (<250 miles)
  • 5 miles to regional airport